Print Portfolio


This catalog is over an inch thick, filled with glossy photographs of Berman/Rosetti furniture. The book is warm and Very intimate, with philosophical quotes and random snapshots included to give it a very personal feel engage the reader personally, and “Inspire” decorating dreams in customers. The title on the cover is embossed, further emphasizing the focus on texture of the products within.


I spent a couple of years working in the art department at Frederick’s of Hollywood. I handled all manner of web and print, including photo retouching, “look books” and point of purchase signage, but my core responsibility was helping to produce the iconic catalog itself each month. This was like graphic design “Boot Camp” involving long hours in a fast-paced environment with strict deadlines.


A very ambitious on-site freelance job assigned by Creative Circle. I was brought in as art director with two people working under me to produce this GIANT catalog filled with teeny, tiny parts. This thing is the size of a large phonebook. Most of the parts needed to be re-photographed, with advertisements interspersed and tons of minute details getting all of the part numbers and prices correct. The project was a huge success and we all went out together and celebrated when it was done!