Tangerine Global

Business Type: Media / Digital Content Provider

Role: Web Developer / Designer

Project Description:

Tangerine Global is a media company that delivers content such as digital signage and movies to residential and commercial customers such as the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I have been working with their in-house art department, building and helping maintain their web presence for over a decade. Their previous site was just getting a little out of date.

The objective was to create a responsive website that works on all modern devices and is easy to maintain. In particular,  keeping movie posters and digital content offerings current.

Since I was working with their art department on an existing static design, using a standard WordPress theme wasn’t going to work. In this case, I created a “blank canvas” theme translating their static content into a flowable design for the web.

The result is a fresh new rebuild with updated architecture and content, that’s much easier to update than the old site.