Business Type: Presentations

Role: Presentation Designer

Project Description:

I am often asked to make presentations for my clients. I am fluent in Keynote, Google Slides, Powerpoint, iBooks Author, InDesign and probably whatever preferred tool you use for your presentations. Actually, I’ve even made transparencies. Remember those? I’ve created interactive presentations for Kia (onsite) – which due to a non-disclosure agreement I can not share here. But, that involved sitting in a meeting room with a group of individuals who were giving the presentation and taking notes on speaking points. Adding graphics and automation —  rehearsing with them and making adjustments on the fly until the presentation was perfect.

Other times, (offsite) I have taken the outline, copy or list of images and built a draft based on my understanding of what is needed. The client can rehearse with it and get back to me with ideas, jokes, images or what-have-you until it’s perfect. My clients usually project their presentations from a laptop or iPad, but I’ll show them here as a slideshow.

In the sample above the presentation was designed to show Mimi London showroom in Los Angeles the new pieces that would be arriving. On the right, a large image of the item and on the left, the metal, wood and fabric choices.

This particular presentation was designed for an iPad so the Berman Rosetti rep could sit with the showroom rep and discuss the new pieces in detail.