Business Type: Furniture Manufacturer and Designer

Role: Newsletter Designer

Project Description:

Newsletters are a great way to stay in contact with your community, showrooms, members, employees etc. I use mail chimp, constant contact, iContact, and others to make announcements, introduce new items or just say happy holidays. We can also integrate signup forms into your website to build your audience.

The creative process begins with a phone call, meeting or email. Generally, I will design a draft newsletter from the information I receive in our discussion. I’ll send a test newsletter, and when it’s perfect we’ll schedule the best time for it to go out to their list. Most email services have a dashboard where the stats can be viewed and will post details about the campaign afterward so we can keep track of how many people subscribe, unsubscribe, open and click on links in the newsletter. They can usually also recommend the best time to send based on their data, for maximum response.