Movie Posters Gallery

Business Type: Movie Poster Collector

Role: Web Developer / Designer

Project Description:

Movie Posters Gallery is likely the largest private movie poster collection on the web! Boasting nearly 14, 500 posters and lobby cards, each with searchable associated data such as title, year, cast, director and award nominations.

The old site was built in standard HTML in Adobe Dreamweaver with no database/CMS (content management system). The site looked dated, but more importantly, the collector wished to use rich modern features such as an advanced search function.

The objective was to migrate all the old poster images and data over accurately and design a fresh new rebuild that’s easy for the collector to update himself. An attractive new site with a robust search function for the many galleries with cross-referenced taxonomies so that posters would appear in respective galleries by year, actor, director, etc.

The greatest challenge was the sheer volume of information that needed to be scraped from the old site. I hired a colleague who specializes in data scraping to build a massive spreadsheet of all the posters and data. The next great challenge was uploading 14.5K images! WordPress’s standard media library upload wizard doesn’t support uploading this many files. After days of trial and error, a solution was found.

Building a site that feels organized and clean while actually containing that much content is no small feat!

I was tempted to just create simple lightbox galleries. This would have been, by far, the easiest from a setup standpoint. But it soon became clear that this would not be sufficient if each poster were to appear in more than one gallery based on various qualities (size, country, genre etc.). I ultimately concluded that each poster was going to need to be a separate “Post”.

I created a custom post type called “posters” with custom fields for all of the searchable data such as genre, title, year, director etc. The initial setup was a beast, but moving forward — adding new posters would be quite simple for the collector.

The result is a modern and efficient online poster museum, with content organized into many collections. You can browse the collections or search for something specific. This is also proof that as Voltaire said, “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking”.