Business Type: Manufacturing

Role: Art Director / Print Designer

Project Description:

Ryan Herco is a plumbing parts manufacturer based in Burbank, CA. They produce a huge catalog periodically full of, as you might expect, thousands of images of parts, part numbers, specs, details, and prices.

I was hired to rebuild and layout the catalog. As acting Art Director I was responsible for managing the entire project, collecting assets from a team of data entry personnel and photographers and building every page of the 400+ page catalog and delivering it to the printers by the deadline.

Because of the volume of content — weeks of patient, methodical, work went into making every section of every page tight and accurate. For consistent layouts across the book, InDesign paragraph, object and character styles were employed. For the book layout, a complete alphabetical index was created. In the end, we produced a mighty fine piece that we were all very proud of. How to move a mountain — one spoonful at a time.