Business Type: Furniture Design / Furniture Manufacturing

Role: Graphic Designer / Art Director

Project Description:

For this brochure created for Berman / Rossetti, We made the decision early on to make it unique and fun. We chose an unusual size, embossed the title and used many “family snapshots” of the dog and other imagery to give it a welcoming, personal feel. We wanted to make something that belongs in your library or on the coffee table, not just another piece of marketing that you toss in the bin.

It was the largest such piece we had done at the time and included many new items that had been added to the collection and photographed since the previous brochure — which had been much more modest in scope.

I worked closely with the printer from the get-go to make decisions on formatting, paper stock and to keep the budget under control.

The end result is a substantial book that shows off the companies collection and personality and is something you want to keep.