Berman / Rosetti

Business Type: Furniture Designer / Manufacturer

Role: Web Developer / Designer

Project Description:

Berman / Rosetti is a high-end furniture designer and manufacturer based in Los Angeles, CA. I first began working with them nearly two decades ago. In that time the company and collection have enjoyed tremendous growth and success. I’d like to think that Klownhead has been part of the family and part of that success!

Every few years we’ve done a total rebuild of the existing site. Removing outdated and discontinued content. Refining the image and the message and adding features and functionality. The objective this time was to show some of the personality of the company adn invite people into the creative process a bit. We also wanted to showcase the new textiles, leathers, finishes, and pieces in a “visually driven” way.

In the early days, there were few pieces and everything was organized alphabetically with teeny-tiny thumbnails. You pretty much had to know the name of a piece to find it. The new site features galleries with easy to see previews. You can now find a piece quickly or discover new items by browsing the category pages — quickly scan all lounge chairs and click the thumbnail for more views, finishes and a downloadable PFD tearsheet. We also added features such as a robust search function and custom items.

The site was built in WordPress and based on a template that we mostly liked — additional custom coding was used to achieve the exact look and feel we were after.

Klownhead is a hosting provider and hosts, as well as managing the SSL certificate, backups, security and software updates.