ePub/Digital Portfolio


This example is an iBook-formatted presentation for Kia motors. In this particular case the presentations were created for the iPad. Then the iPads were brought into a meeting and connected to projectors, taking the place of PowerPoint slides. The iPad can be held by the presenter and swiped through at their own pace. Videos and pop-up information windows are embedded in the presentation. Very compelling.


I worked with this fiction publisher to turn all of their existing printed catalog into e-books to reach a new market. Since I can’t show you the actual e-books, I will show you the previews from their site.


There are many more. By the way, I also did the music for these promos.

The three EPUB-formatted items above are (1) ) a pricelist, (2) a “new items” announcement, and (3) a catalog. The EPUB format is ideal for many uses.