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Hydraulic Clown Head (HCH) prides itself on customized, market-relevant promotional products for its clients.

One of the questions I always ask when beginning a new project is “Who are you trying to reach? Who is your intended audience, your intended customer?” We might be tempted to think “Well, EVERYONE, right?” but of course that’s not exactly true. We want to reach people we can be of service to. We target our aesthetic, services and promotional efforts to them.

MY intended audience? I focus on individuals and small-to-medium-sized businesses that need a web presence, marketing materials, and/or social media and online promotion to help their businesses function or expand; entrepreneurs and companies that have ongoing or one-time graphic design/website needs but do not require, or want to budget for, a full-time art department.

HCH is fully equipped to provide an entirely customized approach to creating a unique online, print, and/or digital presence for YOUR enterprise and managing the day-to-day updates and maintenance of these assets.


Web. Clean. Simple.

Hi! My name is Atom Smith, and I’m a freelance website designer/developer in the Los Angeles, California area. I specialize in creating clean, vibrant, well-organized websites with eye-catching graphics.

I build responsive sites that look good and function well on desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices, that integrate seamlessly with social media, and that take advantage of the rapidly evolving functions and features of the World Wide Web., such as social media and SEO (search engine optimization)

My process — I begin every project with a thorough client interview. I ask a lot of questions to make sure I understand YOUR goals for YOUR website or other media. Then I create a site prototype or other proposal based on your stated needs, and send you a quote for project costs. Next, after further discussion and tweaking, based on your review of the prototype, we work together as a team to build a website that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.  This process insures that you have plenty of say in the final product and there is always an opportunity to tweak something to make it work better after living with it for a bit.

My clients are extremely diverse and include designers, manufacturers, government, medical, sports, photographers, real estate, artists, musicians and more. Whatever your product, service or location, I can make a website for you.

Prior to launching HCH, I worked in Art Departments for advertising agencies and major retailers such as Frederick’s of Hollywood, Inter/Media Advertising, Studio Graphics Ink (SGI), Nuprint Graphics, Global Creative Group, Holistipak and Wylie Galt Advertising.

I also have a network of professional photographers, copy writers, text editors, fact-checkers, musicians, and visual artists to support us as needed.

I regularly engage in Continuing Education in my field, to ensure I’m offering my clients the most current expertise in website design, relevant software, and Internet compatibility.

I have the background, skills, and commitment to excellence to give you the “cut above” end-product you need. Give me a call.



Hydraulic Clown Head Enterprises
Los Angeles, California USA